Windows 8 Apps Not Working: Are You Affected?


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Windows 8 apps not working are issues that have been identified with many users worldwide.

A large number of users have complained of windows 8 apps not working on their systems, with problems such as some apps recognizing internet Wi-Fi connectivity and working while others not identifying internet access and therefore staying dysfunctional.

The problem has been recent but a number of forums have been opened in this regard where users are asking others if they have a solution to the problem.

Windows 8 Apps Not Working: Help

Also, these users expect to get Microsoft employees to answer their questions about their windows 8 apps not working issues to be able to fix them correctly.

Glitches were also reported with the Windows 8 Skype app amongst other problems associated with windows 8 apps not working.

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After Microsoft acquired Skype, it features as part of the Windows 8 OS but there were news that the Windows 8 Skype app is not working for some users as it should have had.

Windows 8 Apps Not working: Solutions

Fixing windows 8 apps not working problems include refreshing you PC without affecting your files. This can be a good solution to the problems you are facing with some of your windows 8 apps not working on your PC, laptop or tablet.

Another solution would be to take to the troubleshooter and see what solutions it suggest to you so as to over some the problems you are facing.

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As a last resort, re-installing your Windows-8 OS would be a good idea so that you start all of your apps anew and there is a high chance that you would not face any problems once you have started all over again on Window-8.

It is hoped that more news on the windows 8 apps not working issues would be out soon especially with an official word from Microsoft itself.

This would bring Windows-8 users in a better and easier position to solve all of their problems associated with windows 8 apps not working.

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