Pacman: Refusing to go down the Popularity Graph


Pacman is a very interesting game that you would definitely have had played when you were young, right? Well, pacman doesn’t seems interested in fading away as hundreds of thousands of people continue to play this very interesting but simple game and extract enjoyment from it.

Pacman is a game that is still very popular amongst the masses and is played online on a daily basis by thousands of people with pacman enjoying the status of a “classic game” now.

Pacman was released way back in the 1980’s by its developer Namco and was designed by an individual named Toru Iwatani. Toru revealed that the idea of pacman started from a pitza that has a single slice missing from it; that is what accounts for the “mouth” of pacman which it uses to eat in the game. Pacman stood the test of time and continues to attract people decades after its very first launch into the gaming market.

There have been many different versions of pacman subsequently developed and released as the game made billions of dollars in business virtue of its skyrocketing popularity with the public.

The very familiar figure of the three ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde is known to almost everyone who is even a little bit into gaming.

The four of those ghosts are shown as colored in many versions, having red, pink, cyan and orange color respectively.


All four of these ghosts try to catch and kill pacman as it tries to eat and finish off the “pac-dots” in a rectangular-shaped maze so that it can move to the next level and the next after it, so on and so forth.

Pacman is supposed to stay safe of all the four ghosts lest they come into contact and take away one of its lives from the two initially allotted to it towards the start of the game.

The number of lives of pacman can also be increased by scoring more and more points during the game.

In every square maze of every level, there are located four “power-pellets” at each corner of the maze.

The function of each of these pellets is to allow pacman to have a temporary multiplication of its force such that it has the ability to munch and eat-away each of the four ghosts.


When pacman comes into contact with any of the power-pellets, each of the four ghosts changes color to blue and the background music of the game changes as well, signifying a special stage in the game.

The ghosts also move a bit slowly when they turn blue and the story of the game is reversed, even if temporarily, as in, it is now the ghosts that hide and run from pacman instead of the other way round, as before.

For every “turned-blue-ghost” that the pacman is able to gulp down, pacman is awarded 400 points in the initial levels of the game.

The number of points scored however maybe different for different versions of the game since there were so many launched, many fake.


There are just a few seconds for which the ghosts change their color and are “available for vulnerability”.

This time duration keeps on decreasing as a player moves ahead in the levels in the pacman game.

The idea is to make the game more difficult for the player to play and score additional points.

After any of the ghosts is successfully eaten by pacman, the ghost is reduced to its eyes only. These eyes move back to the small rectangle located towards the centre of the maze and inside of it where the eyes convert into a full-fledged ghost once again, in full shape, just as it was before.

The ghost is then again ready to pursue and kill pacman! True, some things never change! lol


Every level is associated with a fruit such as cherries, strawberries, lemons et cetera and that fruit appears towards the bottom of the small rectangle in the middle of the maze.

Pacman can score points by eating each of those fruits that intermittently appear. However, the player has to control pacman to be quick enough to catch and eat the fruit before it disappears which it always does after a set duration.

Some Extremely Irate Moments In Pacman

In the stage that pacman eats any of the power-pellets and the ghosts turn blue, they return to normalcy without prior notice and many times, users, especially me, have had bumped into the ghosts trying to catch and eat them but ended up losing the pacman’s own life! What an annoying moment that can be!


Another irritating moment can be when the player dodges the ghosts with a lot of effort to reach and eat the fruit to score additional points but it disappears the moment pacman is to come into contact with it and receive more score as prize!

There are other times when the game can be very annoying especially when you press the button to move the pacman in one direction but it is slow to move or moves in some other direction!

That can be a killer moment for your patience and enjoyment as all of it comes stumbling down and you simply decide to quit the game!


Moving On With Pacman

The popularity of pacman started back in the 1980’s and was so high and was also consistent for more than two decades such that it was declared as the greatest video game of all times by a poll in the United Kingdom in 2001.

More than 10 years later after the poll, pacman continues to be high on the popularity list.

Pacman has grabbed a lot of records in The Guinness Book of World Records, including the record for the Most Successful Coin Operated Game and the record for the Most Coin Operated Arcade Machines Installed throughout the world.


This was because arcade games were very popular in those times when pacman was launched and pacman, being a hit game, was a major success on this gaming platform.

Now that you have read so much about pacman, a visit to a website allowing you to play pacman for free would give you some good entertaining moments. Enjoy!

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