Android 4.3: Yet Another Minor Jelly Bean Update

Android 4.3 is yet another minor update to the jelly bean version of the android OS and this latest update was released on the 25th of July 2013. Android 4.3 update incorporates some more features of interest for users via-à-vis the ease that they have to offer to users of the android platform. Interestingly, android continues to run the jelly ... Read More »

Google Chrome Store: Apps+Apps+Apps+Apps…..

Google Chrome Store is a very useful way to check out a lot of new and creative apps that are made by developers for Chrome users. The google chrome store has so many apps that are all for free as it lets users check and install any of their chosen apps into the chrome browser. Undeniably, this is one reason ... Read More »

Microsoft Sticky Notes: Definitely Very Handy

Microsoft Sticky Notes is a very useful app that you can use to remind yourself of things-to-do yet as the virtual notes sit on your desktop and keep aiding your memory. The microsoft sticky notes can truly be helpful as it is so easy to create a note, create as many as necessary and because they are right there on ... Read More »

oDesk Alternative: Wake Up oDesk!

Odesk Alternative is what workers may look towards when they feel that they are not able to get enough work on odesk or not able to get work at all. Although odesk is a very good marketplace, still, freelancers may think of an odesk alternative as they are restricted by the job application quota that goes to a maximum of twenty-five ... Read More »

WiFi: The Standard For Wireless Fidelity

WiFi is the standard for Wireless Fidelity and is a very useful way of using the internet over your smartphone or your tablet and has almost become a culture that spans across borders. Wifi is a very intelligent way to use one connection to the World Wide Web from your Internet Service Provider [ISP] by plugging it into a router ... Read More »

Camtasia: Capturing Your Screen LIVE!

Camtasia is a very useful app that can help you solve a lot of your problems that you may have with recording whatever is happening right onto your screen. Camtasia helps you make videos of your computer screen which then has a lot of uses depending on the problem at hand that needs to be tackled anytime. Camtasia records your ... Read More »

Facebook Security Settings: Safe Social Networking

Facebook security settings are a very essential part of a user’s account on Facebook as they allow a user to decide about his privacy on facebook, whether his posts and his profile should be public or if they should be visible to his friends and friends of friends only. Facebook security settings are what let an individual choose all that ... Read More »

Search Engine Optimization Companies: Your Pick?

Search engine optimization companies are out there in the market and they can help you solve issues related to your website rankings, sure shot! Search engine optimization companies carry out a thorough analysis of your website stats and enable it to increase its rankings on search engines. The search engine optimization companies have teams of people who look to different ... Read More »

Windows 8 Apps Not Working: Are You Affected?

  Windows 8 apps not working are issues that have been identified with many users worldwide. A large number of users have complained of windows 8 apps not working on their systems, with problems such as some apps recognizing internet Wi-Fi connectivity and working while others not identifying internet access and therefore staying dysfunctional. The problem has been recent but ... Read More »

Angry Birds Apk: Angry Birds Specifically For Android

Angry Birds Apk are very popular apps that attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of users worldwide while the users entertain themselves with any of these apps for fun. Apk is actually a file format used for applications that runs over the Android platform and angry birds apk are apps that are developed in this format. The angry birds ... Read More »